About Us

The Altona Lacrosse Club was founded in 1964. Our clubrooms are located on PJ Lynch Reserve at Paisley Park, Altona North. We are the only lacrosse club in Victoria that has full use of its facilities 12 months of the year. The Club has four lacrosse specific playing fields, one of which can be used for night games, and a box lacrosse court that also has floodlights.

Men and boys play Saturdays. Women and girls play Sundays. During the season (which normally runs from April – September), our canteen is open on Saturdays from 8.30 am. All club members and their families and friends are welcome.

Our player fees are among the cheapest in Victoria. To keep fees low we have a social committee that holds numerous functions throughout the year to raise revenue.

Altona Lacrosse Club has Level 3 Good Sports accreditation under the Australian Drug Foundation’s Good Sports program. This accreditation recognises that the Club promotes a responsible attitude towards alcohol and that it provides a safe environment for players, members, families and supporters.

Good Sports is the first nationwide alcohol management program of its kind and is supported by Vic Health, the Traffic Accident Commission (TAC) and the Alcohol Education Rehabilitation Foundation. The program was developed following research conducted by the Australian Drug Foundation which indicated that by introducing responsible alcohol management policies, clubs were able to improve membership and enhance viability.

We are a friendly, inclusive club where all members regularly socialise and enjoy each others’ company. This is reflected in our very popular “Thursday night dinners” where the club prepares healthy meals for all players and friends after training.

Our Club recognises the importance of our juniors and ensures they are properly instructed in the skills of our sport from the very start.

Our Under 11’s coach is the current Victoria Men’s Indoor Lacrosse coach and one of our State League coaches.

Our Under 13’s are coached by a member of the last Under 19 Australian Team.

Our Under 15’s are coached by our American players, 2 of which played at University of Virginia this year in the NCAA’s Division 1.

Our Under 17’s are coached by one of our State League Captains who is also a former Australian player.

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