Preseason Training

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Altona Lacrosse Club is interested in running a proper preseason (fitness stuff no sticks) from November through to February (with breaks for holiday dates). We would run sessions at the club on Tuesdays and Saturdays (short sessions less than an hour each but intense). We would open the clubrooms after the sessions and we would look to have music during the sessions. Thursday would not be at club as many people would be at indoor games but those that are not doing indoor can still follow the program at own location.

In fact there is no requirement to do the program at the club at all and you can do it at your own location and choose your own days but the club option is for people who need the group dynamic for that extra motivation. The training will be open to everyone but all SL and Under 15 and under 17s males and the senior women are strongly encouraged to attend.

If interested please email