Altona Lacrosse Club’s juniors well looked after

Following on from last season when Altona Lacrosse Club purchased the best equipment available for all our junior goalies, the club has now bought new junior helmets for our smaller players in our Under 12 and Under 14 sides.

The Under 12 side is a new competition introduced in 2022 by Lacrosse Victoria and the players are required to wear helmets. The Altona Lacrosse Club felt that if our youngest players have to wear helmets then the helmets must be suitable for their size. As a club we know juniors grow quickly so we could not expect parents to buy helmets which will not fit in a year or two. We also did not want parents to buy helmets that were too big now for young children and just wait for then to grow into them….so the club has picked up the tab with 10 brand new, small, CPV-R helmets.

Altona is a family club and we invest a lot into our future stars. Altona has many potential champions in our junior ranks and we will make sure they have every opportunity to be their best. Part of that commitment is making sure our juniors have the best equipment when they go out to represent our club in the game we love. Great equipment, great coaches. Our juniors know the club will do whatever it can to give them the best opportunity to succeed in lacrosse.

Win or lose, parents can be assured that Altona juniors are as well protected as they can be with the best and latest equipment suitable for their age.