Overseas players interested in playing at Altona Lacrosse Club

Altona Lacrosse Club is located in Melbourne Victoria, the heartland of lacrosse, with the largest lacrosse dedicated facility in Australia. The club is always looking to host overseas male and female players every season.

If you are interested please contact the Altona Lacrosse Club.

Play Lacrosse in Australia

Every year, the Altona Lacrosse Club welcomes North American players to play.  Typically, these will be players of NCAA Division 1 standard and they take on roles in coaching our juniors as well as playing in the highest lacrosse competition in Victoria, the State League competition.  They also undertake paid work by running lacrosse clinics in local schools. Our overseas players typically receive free room and board from members of the club as well as assistance in finding jobs. We are a very young State League side and socially our overseas players fit in very well with team mates of similar ages.

If you are an overseas player, male or female, interested in joining our club for 2024 please contact Mark Lewer, Overseas Recruitment Manager, on lewer@bigpond.net.au. You can also download a letter from Mark with further information for potential overseas players coming to Altona.

Our season runs from March to September.

University of Virginia player representing Altona Lacrosse Club
University of Virginia player representing Altona Lacrosse Club – Picture courtesy of Lukearth Lacrosse

My experience playing for Altona was one of the best times of my life. I considered the chance to travel to Melbourne for our summer to play lacrosse, and to visit Australia, to be a once in a lifetime opportunity, but I had no idea what to expect. Looking back, whatever expectations I had were blown away. I got to enjoy playing a competitive yet social brand of lacrosse with tons of amazing people not only on our own team but on other teams across Melbourne as well. I met lifelong friends who are both Americans I will see back home and also Australians who I will visit and see again. I got to travel along Australia’s beautiful coast doing things like playing golf with kangaroos along Great Ocean Road, and I also took a trip up north to the Gold Coast with other guys I met in Australia. But greatest of all were the people of Australia. To meet and enjoy time with people of other cultures is great enough but when their culture is to treat you so well, it’s hard to beat. I had a great host family and within a week it felt not like a vacation but a home. I enjoyed my days walking to the gym and to the cafe after as much as I enjoyed going out in Melbourne with guys from the team. Overall, It was an incredible experience and my only regret is that I couldn’t stay longer. I hope to be back soon.

Mitchell Whalen (NCAA Division 1 – Captain – University of Virginia)

Making the life changing decision of traveling down to Melbourne and playing for the Altona Lacrosse Club has been by far, the best move that I’ve ever made. The level of play is very competitive and the Saturday games with minimal subs leave you exhausted for the next couple days. We practiced twice a week so you have a lot of free time to either travel, surf or work. After four years of playing in college, lacrosse became more of a job than a game; but the first game down in Australia brought the fun and enjoyment right back into the game.
The club and families that keep it organized/managed couldn’t have taken any better care of me. They helped me find work during the season, gave me a place to stay, and literally did not stop feeding me! I was welcomed into their homes and immediately became a part of their family. Going down and playing for Altona Lacrosse Club is so much more than just continuing your lacrosse career or traveling down to Australia to party… you’ll have to make that leap and buy a plane ticket to see for yourself.

Michael Rhoads (NCAA Division 1 – University of Virginia)

My experience with Altona Lacrosse Club was beyond my expectations. Everyone was so welcoming and and comforting in helping us get settled in. People went out of their way constantly to make sure that we had the best experience possible. You’ll make life-long friends from this experience and have more fun than you’ve ever had playing lacrosse.

Adam Ceribelli (NCAA Division 1 – Captain – Towson University)