Altona Women’s Lacrosse

“One ball, a lacrosse stick and 15 of my best friends. Doesn’t get any better.”

The Altona Women’s side is a mix of experienced players, new players and young players. The women’s and men’s teams are very close and often attend each other’s games. This is not surprising as many of the players are like family, having grown up together at the Club. The women’s side has several promising juniors coming through to support a senior group that continues to improve. 

If you are interested in joining a great group of ladies who love playing lacrosse as much as they love to have a laugh and enjoy each other’s company then call Anna on 0411 885 546.

Team structure

In womens lacrosse there are 10 players on the field (which includes a goal keeper) and there can be up to six substitutes. The game play is like the mens with the ball either carried or passed down field towards an opponent’s goal. The biggest difference in the womens game is that it is non-contact in all grades – hence the lack of protective equipment, other than mouth-guards and eye goggles. Mouthguards must be of a colour so they cannot be see through or white. In the women’s game, helmets are optional though rarely seen (other than on goal keepers).

Lacrosse equipment recommended

Download our comprehensive list of lacrosse equipment you may wish to consider for purchase (PDF File).

2024 Teams & Coaches

Women’s Premier LeagueAnna Lewer 0411 885 546

Training times

Senior Women

6:30pm – 8:00pm

Game times

Women’s Premier League

Times – TBA

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