Life Members

Altona has had many wonderful people contribute to the success of the club but very few have been honoured with life membership.  To become a life member is not something that is given out lightly at Altona. 

Life members have contributed over many years, often decades, to the club.  Many have been long term players as well as committee members and volunteers for long periods of time.  Our life members have all been different in terms of what they have provided to the club.  Some were there to see the club become established, others saw us through hard times when we were struggling financially and put us on the right track,  others represented our Club’s interests to council and to lacrosse Victoria and the Australian Lacrosse Association, others continued to do the vital yet thankless jobs that no one else wanted to do.  What they all had in common however was a love of lacrosse and a fanatical desire to do whatever it took for however long it took to see Altona Lacrosse Club succeed. 

Members of our club can look up at that life member board and know with certainty that every name there has given their all for the club over many, many years, if any of those people named on that board, had not been at Altona then we would not be the club we are today, and that is why they are recognised.  

Our life members

  • 1984 Mrs L. Danger
  • 1985 Mr F. Dekusel
  • 1987 Mr G. Sharpe
  • 1989 Mr R. Benedierks
  • 1992 Mr W. Shillingford
  • 1998 Mr B. Mackinnon
  • 2000 Mr R. Caldwell
  • 2004 Mr A. Frost
  • 2012 Mr G. Mackinnon
  • 2013 Mrs V.Hanniver
  • 2014 Mr S.Crooks
  • 2018 Mr S. Hanniver
  • 2018 Mr W. Martin