Indoor (Box) Lacrosse at Altona

Altona has a long and proud history of being the driving force in maintaining box lacrosse in Victoria. In recent years the Club has worked with Council towards establishing a box lacrosse facility at the club grounds. The box court at Altona will be completed in late April 2021. From 2021 onwards, Altona will be the permanent home for box lacrosse in Victoria with all future competitions run from this venue. 

What is Indoor (Box) Lacrosse?

Box Lacrosse (also known as Indoor Lacrosse) is the most exciting version of the lacrosse game.  It is played in a confined space like a basketball court and as the ball never goes out of play, it is non-stop action.  It is a lot faster and a lot more physical than field lacrosse and as such the protective equipment is also greater. Spectators love the gladiator feel of watching a game between teams in a confined area.  The hits are hard and fast as is the game play.

Teams consist of six players on the court (including a goalie) plus up to six substitutes.  There is no offside and as such players need to develop skills in both attack and defence. The goals are half the size of field goals and the goalies are much more padded and much bigger – so to score often requires a higher level of deception and skill to move goalies and opponents.  Goals are often spectacular with players attacking the goals from all angles and spectators are so close to the action that they can feel as if they are in the game.

Canada’s national game

Box Lacrosse is Canada’s national game and with the physical contact and exceptional skill levels required to play box lacrosse at the highest level, it is no surprise that the skills of Canadian lacrosse players, in field and in box, are envied by all other playing nations.