Juniors Lacrosse

“The most important thing, at the end of the game, is that you and your teammates had fun.”

Altona Lacrosse Club has incorporated the Lacrosse Athletic Development Model (LADM). This means we train our boys and girls to levels appropriate to their age and skill level whilst ensuring the focus is always on fun. The Club actively approaches the best players and coaches to oversee the development of our juniors. We believe that by giving our juniors the best coaching we can, it will stop them developing bad habits and give them the opportunity to be the best players they can be. This approach has seen many of our current young players attain selection in State and Australian sides. 

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Team structure – junior lacrosse

In 2024 we intend to field sides from Under 10s to Under 18s. The club regularly produces some of the best players in their age groups. Altona has made good use of our box court to provide kids with the opportunity to play in an area where you never have to chase the ball out of bounds! Contact in mixed Under 10s is non-contact. From Under 12 boys and upwards, contact increases in line with the increase in age of the players. In non-contact competition your child only needs a stick, mouthguard, shorts and suitable footwear to play.

Under 12s games include helmets. Altona lacrosse club has invested in junior helmets which are a better fit for younger players than the senior helmets. Under 12s is a mixed grade so girls can also play in this side. The games are played in a sixes format which means non-stop fun with the goalie starting with the ball after every goal. There is no offside so everyone plays in attack and defense. Minimum protective equipment required is helmet, mouth guard, cup and gloves.

Under 14s will include some body checking and the introduction of defensive, long sticks. Players are required to wear protective gloves, helmets, cup and a mouth guard as a minimum. Altona has a stock of junior equipment to assist new players until they decide to purchase their own.

Under 16s and Under 18s will be similar to senior lacrosse club with poke checking allowed and body checking more prevalent. Fortunately the protective gear makes lacrosse a safer sport than most even with the contact.

All female lacrosse is non-contact. However mouth guards and eye goggles are compulsory and jewellery must not be worn whilst playing. These requirements are the same in all women’s grades.

Lacrosse equipment recommended

Download our comprehensive list of lacrosse equipment you may wish to consider for purchase (PDF File).

2024 Teams & coaches – junior lacrosse

Under 10 MixedTBA
Under 12 MixedTBA
Under 14 BoysTBA
Under 16 BoysTBA
Under 18 BoysTBA
Under 12/14 GirlsTBA

Training times – junior lacrosse

Junior Boys & Girls

Tuesday and Thursday 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Game times – junior lacrosse

Under 10 MixedThursday nights, 5:30 to 6:30 plus Saturday games when arranged.
Under 12 MixedThursday nights, 5:30 to 6:30. Saturday morning games. Time TBA
Under 14 BoysThursday nights, 5:30 to 6:30. Saturday morning games. Time TBA
Under 16 BoysThursday nights, 5:30 to 6:30. Saturday morning games. Time TBA
Under 18 BoysTuesday and Thursday nights with Seniors & option of training with U16 on Thursdays. Saturday games. Time TBA
Under 12/14 GirlsThursday nights 5:30 to 6:30. Game times TBA.

Photo & Video Gallery – junior lacrosse