Altona Men’s Lacrosse

Always be yourself……unless you can be a Viking, then always be a Viking.”

Altona Lacrosse Club “the Vikings” has three senior sides to cater for all standards of player from beginner to elite. Our Men’s Community Cup side is a side that caters for new players with a few seasoned players to lend a hand. Our Men’s State League Reserves side is full of our up and coming players who will eventually move into our elite side – the Men’s State League side. The Club’s State League side is one of the most exciting sides in the highest competition in Australia with more than half the 2023 side under the age of 24. Win or lose, on a Saturday night you will often find the senior players, families and friends kicking back at the Club. 

If you want to learn more, please contact the Altona Lacrosse Club.

Team structure

Teams generally consist of 10 players on the field and up to six substitutes.  Of the 10 on the field, three must remain in the attacking portion of the ground (the forwards), three can play all over the field (the midfields) and four must remain in defense (three defenders and a goal keeper).  Players carry the ball in their lacrosse stick or pass the ball to a team member to move the ball towards the opponent’s goals. Opposition players attempt to gain possession by hitting the ball out of an opponent’s stick (known as “checking”) or by intercepting a pass or, in men’s games, by knocking the ball carrier over (a body check) and retrieving the loose ball. Players score a goal by getting the ball into the 6-foot by 6-foot goal area which is guarded by a goal keeper.  The side that scores the most goals by the end of the game are the winners.

Lacrosse equipment recommended

Download our comprehensive list of lacrosse equipment you may wish to consider for purchase (PDF File).

2024 Teams & coaches

Mens State LeagueMark Lewer, Eric Jenney and Hayden Keenan
State League ReservesTBA
Community CupTBA

Training times

Senior Men

Tuesday and Thursday
6:30pm – 8:00pm

Game times

Mens State LeagueSaturday, 2:45 pm
State League ReservesSaturday, TBA
Community CupSaturday, TBA

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