What is Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is an ancient game that was created by the North American Indians as a substitute for war between tribes. Its’ French name came from a Jesuit priest who saw a game being played between tribes and likened the sticks used by the Indians to a bishop’s croix or crosse, hence the name “la crosse” or as we know the game today lacrosse. Despite the name, the game is wholly American Indian and requires courage, skill and athleticism to play. It is the fastest growing sport in North America and has been for many years, particularly amongst teenagers. It is a unique game with a ball that is thrown faster than any cricket or baseball can ever be thrown and, with the ability to play behind the goals, it is one of the only true 360-degree games. To be successful, you must not only outplay but out think your opponent, both individually and as a member of a team. That is why it is much loved by those who have had the opportunity to play the game.

When the American Indians played the game, players could be killed or badly injured. Fortunately, our rules and safety equipment make lacrosse a safer game in comparison to many other contact sports, but that thrill of “potentially” being hit as the ball travels towards you remains with the player and that ability to be hit hard and fairly and get straight back up is one of the thrills of the game.

Rules of Lacrosse

The Rules and Regulations can be found on the Lacrosse Victoria website:

Mens Lacrosse Rules

Womens Lacrosse Rules

Boys Lacrosse Rules

Girls Lacrosse Rules