Changes to Women’s Fixture

This year to increase competition and involvement in the senior women’s competition Lacrosse Victoria have made changes to the completion structure.

There will be a new league the combines the current State League and A-Grade competitions called the Premier League. This league will have 9 teams including the Altona Women’s side. 2017 A-Grade teams will player each other twice and each SL side once. At the end of the season the top four sides will play in the State League finals and the next four will play in the A-Grade finals.

To extend the season LV will also run a 3 week draft completion. Player interested in the draft need to submit their applications to LV by the 5th of March. To apply send you name and club

Additionally, players should be aware that the Australian Lacrosse Association has adopted IFLA rules for all national completions. WA and SA have adopted the rules for the season and LV is considering changing as well.