Lacrosse back as an Olympic Sport in LA in 2028

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For the first time in 120 years, lacrosse players will compete for Olympic gold with the International Olympic Committee today approving the addition of lacrosse to the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic game programme.

In arguably one of the most significant developments in lacrosse history, lacrosse is again a full Olympic sport with Sixes set to debut at the LA28 games alongside cricket, squash, baseball/softball and flag football.

Lacrosse has an Olympic past with lacrosse part of the sports programme in the 1904 and 1908 games. Lacrosse was then a demonstration sport in Amsterdam 1928, Los Angeles 1932 and London 1948 with lacrosse a pre-Olympic demonstration sport at the 1984 Los Angeles games.

Whilst the final details are yet to be hashed out in terms of teams and formats, Australia’s lofty ranking would all but certainly see Australia participate in both formats with our Australian Women’s the reigning World Games bronze medallists and our Men, ranked number 6 after just missing a semi-final berth by a solitary goal. This means that in just five years time the first ever Men’s and Women’s Australian Olympic Lacrosse teams will board planes to Los Angeles to join the Olympic games festivities.

Lacrosse Australia chair Abbie Burgess-Brice summed up the excitement in Australian lacrosse, “This is a dream come true for not only our global lacrosse community but for Australian lacrosse players and fans everywhere. It is such an honour to be able to return to the world’s biggest stage at LA28 and to now be able to compete for what will instantly be the highest honour in our sport. More importantly, I am just thrilled that young Australian lacrosse players will be able to now strive to become Olympians which I hope will not only inspire our youth to new heights but will attract many more young athletes to our sport”.

AOC President Ian Chesterman officially welcomed the new sports, including lacrosse, following the IOC’s announcement, “there’s a wonderful opportunity here in Australia and across the globe for all these sports to capture new audiences and participants. I know they are all very excited about the prospect. The beauty of the Olympic sports programme is that there is something for everyone,” with Mr Chesterman adding with respect to lacrosse specifically, “Lacrosse has been played in Australia since the 19th century and has a dedicated following and we have a fine record of success internationally”.

It truly is a new era for Australian lacrosse and we can’t wait for what tomorrow is going to bring!

If you would like to try lacrosse then please contact the Altona Lacrosse Club using this link.


Lacrosse is back in the Olympics
Altona’s Campbell Mackinnon