Still time for Women and Juniors to register for Box Lacrosse

Calling all juniors and female box lacrosse players, there is still time to register for the Victoria Championships at Alan Lewer Box Court.

Juniors and women can register through the link provided.

With the great news on lacrosse and a possible Olympic appearance and the fact that box lacrosse this year is going great at Altona with many new players and the highest number of competitors ever, now is a really good time for junior players, boys and girls, and women to get involved.

Remember there is also the first women’s world championship for box is just around the corner at the Utica University Nexus Centre, New York from September 20-29 in 2024. The championships will include both men’s and women’s international games and is being hosted by the Mohawk Valley Garden and Oneida County. The stadium is state of the art and seats nearly 4,000 spectators.

For the juniors we have been competing in the International Indoor Junior Lacrosse World Championships which is expected to leave North America for the first time and be held in Europe. The Commonwealth Cup series between Canada and Australia is expected to be held at Altona, Australia, probably in March 2024. The junior world championships are for men and women in the Under 20 age bracket.

If you wish to learn more about playing lacrosse at Altona then please contact us.

Register for Box Lacrosse
Box Lacrosse Registrations still Open