Box Lacrosse Court one step closer to being named after Alan Lewer.

Hobson’s Bay City Council unanimously agreed to the naming of the box court at the Altona and Newport Lacrosse Club after Alan Lewer. It is anticipated that the name will be the “Alan Lewer Box Court”. For those that are not aware, Alan worked tirelessly for lacrosse in general but in particular for Indoor or “box” lacrosse. When we did not have a court, it was Alan that set up a home at Westgate Leisure Centre and when Westgate could no longer accommodate us, Alan pushed Council to replace the box court at Altona. Alan passed away in 2019, typically while coaching a lacrosse team. It is great to know that Alan’s contribution to our sport will live on and as box lacrosse continues to grow, so will the importance of Alan’s contribution to the sport. The club would like to acknowledge the continued support by the Hobsons Bay City Council for lacrosse in the Western Suburbs.